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At the land of Vatika, nature’s book is written differently, without repetition. The beautiful emerald beaches, the vast olive groves, the lakes and canyons, the plains and the mountains, the peninsulas and the old pirates’ base, the cave and the petrified forest, a submerged state and the legendary Kavomalias…all together, as colorful shells, they charm and invite you to a world that you did not even think it existed!

Vatika Lakonias are located on the eastern foot of the Peloponnese. Their name was taken from the ancient king Voia and the ancient city that existed, Voies.

The wider area of Vatika, but mainly Neapoli, is a tourist destination and a crossroad, known to us all as a naval gateway to popular destinations – Elafonisos, Kythera and Monemvasia! With its famous castle, which also steals the show, as it gathers a host of visitors.

The wild beauty of the region and the alternations of the landscape will excite the lovers of alternative tourism. The maintenance of the paths of Kavomalia and their mapping, organizing various events, the Neapolis Archaeological Museum that opened this year, the imposing Byzantine castle, but also the Maritime Museum that highlights the nauticality of the place!

The Petrified Forest of Agios Nikolaos coastal zone, is a unique natural five-star monument. It is remote from the inhabited areas and the scenery features the wild physiognomy of Kavomalias. This is an area with hundreds of root nodes, aged 2-3 million years. The trunks have a diameter of 0.5 to 1 meter and a height of 2 meters. What makes them so unique is that they were not fossilized by volcanic ash but calcified by the rise of the sea! Indeed, when the sea is turbulent, it penetrates the trunks and creates amazing fountains.

A cave that resembles a chocolate forest and remains unforgettable to both young and old.

To see and hear the secrets of the Vatika land, you should visit St. Andrew’s Cave in Kastania. It is a cave that resembles a chocolate forest that will be unforgettable for both young and old! Its decor and its peculiarities make it the top three in Europe!

Wonderful beaches and small creeks with turquoise waters and emerald seaside stretches across the coastline of Vatika.

The tradition in taste and the local products tickle the palate in the taverns of the area and of course the well-known octopus with ouzo, which is the trademark in the region’s gastronomy.

Hospitality is something the Vatikiotes have in their cells, you will find it yourself by choosing to spend your holidays in this beautiful place! Discover us!

Rooms and Apartments Association “XENIOS ZEUS”